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Sports betting tips for new and advanced punters.
  • Getting to Grips with Odds
    There are many aspects to success at betting, but without a thorough understanding of betting odds and how they work, long-term success is impossible. Find out what exactly is the difference between decimal and fractional odds.
  • Thinking Outside the Box – Corner Bets
    For football punters who are looking for an alternative to the traditional Match Winners or Handicap markets, the various Corners betting markets offer an ideal combination. Check out the three main strategies for corner betting.
  • The Right Approach to Lay Betting
    Lay betting takes many forms so while there is a simple answer to the question what is a lay bet, there are many ways in which the practise can be approached with online sportsbooks and exchanges.But what is a lay bet and how do you go about placing one?
  • Gambling and Business – 5 Essential Tips
    Crossing the line from hobby to profession isn’t for everyone but follow some basic rules and it is perfectly possible to make a very good living from the world of sports betting. If you’re even wondering about how to treat sports betting like a business, please read on and take in some of the qualities that are needed for success.
  • How to Develop and Improve Your Betting Skills
    Once any punter has grasped the basics of betting, they will think about progressing and taking things to a more ‘expert’ level. Here’s what you need to improve your betting skills.
  • The Role of Emotion in Sports Betting
    It is natural to find yourself becoming emotionally invested in sports. Learning to control your emotions is a skill as essential to the aspiring professional gambler as understanding how to price up a market or managing your bankroll, and if you can master it, you will be laying one of the foundations of betting success.
  • The Humble Betting Slip: An Essential Tool
    Betting has changed hugely over the years, and while the modern punter still needs to fill out a betting slip in order to get their bet on, the advent of the e-betting slip has made the process easier, more user-friendly and much more convenient.