Where to Find the Best Football Betting Apps?

Fans of football and betting often wonder which the best football apps for betting are. So we have decided to create a list of the best and most favoured applications. Our list contains apps with specific football features, data, news, and incentives. As most of the available betting applications provide similar features and functionality. It is reasonable to utilise the incentives these apps offer. Thus, gamblers can check and try the various betting platforms. And then continue using the ones they like.

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£30 bonus

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£20 bonus


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Here are some of the top features of the football bettings apps:

  • 100% bonus;
  • Competitive odds and plentiful betting options, single and accumulator bets;
  • Cash out options for pre-match and in-play wagers;
  • Match live feature, which allows punters to follow the games in real time;
  • A money-back offer in case of draw – if the game punters have betted on ends 0-0, they receive their stake money back;
  • Live streaming of more than 50 000 games;
  • In-play betting;
  • Live alerts – this option lets gamblers get real-time alerts from games about half time score, penalties, goals, and red cards. Punters can select and set the alerts they prefer.

How to Take Full Advantage of the Best Football Betting Apps

In the past football betting was limited to placing a wager on the winning team. Nowadays, there are many betting options. These include corners, transfers, substitutions, and even accas. Soccer betting is continuing to change and develop. Due to the advancement of mobile technology, now gamblers are eager to place punts on the go. Below you can read some handy recommendations about betting on football games. They will help you utilise all benefits of mobile betting applications.

Take advantage of the offered incentives and promos – the best football betting apps provide generous promos. This allows gamblers to get plentiful free bets and opportunities to place risk-free wagers. Ladbrokes, Sky Bet, and William Hill are among the apps, which provide the top free incentives.

Compare the odds provided by the various apps – it is wise to keep following the major football apps for betting. And to compare the odds they offer so that you are always informed about the top deals. Thus, you can utilise more free bets without risks.

football bettingUse the top mobile football betting apps – gamblers should use the top football apps for betting. Because they offer ultimate coverage of global leagues. This includes UK games, UEFA matches, European tournaments, Asian, American and Australian championships. How to distinguish the top apps you can trust? These apps provide excellent features. These include live streaming, competitive odds, generous incentives, in-play, promos and special offers. Gamblers should select a betting application, which has a sleek design and simple navigation. The app is innovative so that it provides ultimate betting experience.

Place wagers on teams you are interested and follow, but keep off your top favourite team. The main reason for this recommendation is that you are attached to the team your favour, and you cannot decide what is good and what is bad. It is safer to place wagers on teams you are following because you have lots of info about them. Such as injured players, missing players, and the current state of the team. Thus, you can utilise this knowledge to determine the situation and to place wagers.

It is an excellent idea to download a few apps such as the ones we have described above. This way you will be able to compare the odds fast with a few taps on your phone. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of as many free football bets as you can and place more bets for free.

Following these simple recommendations, gamblers can minimise the risk. Moreover, enhance the chance to win, using the best football betting apps on the go.

How to place an ACCA on my phone for the first time?

If you are starting to place bets via mobile devices or you have never placed an accumulator bet before, you should not be worried because it is very easy. It only takes a few minutes to start your journey, and most people get the hang of it in a manner of minutes. Placing ACCA bets on football usually varies between bookies so you should check our individual reviews.

What are the advantages of placing an ACCA bet?

A football accumulator bet is one wager that you place on the outcome of at least 4 matches. The main difference that separates ACCA bets from the other types of football wagers is that each selection has to be true for the bet to payout. The best thing about accumulators is that the potential winnings are limitless. And it is right there in the name, accа means that your wins accumulate with every selection that is correct. This creates chances to win stacking sums.

For example, a few years ago, a punter placed 30p and turned it into £500,000. This proves that even a 30p wager can be worth placing, and the bets do not have to be big. The fan is from Staffordshire, and he placed the wager at the beginning of the season by selecting a total of 15 games in his ACCA. The combined odds for these reached 1,666,666/1. All his predictions came true, which turned his 30p into £500k. There is no need to mention that this is a life-changing amount to win.

How did ACCA bets change over the years?

ACCA betting has become quite popular in the United Kingdom, the United States and around the globe in the past 20 years, especially for football. It has even become common to hear people in the pubs talking about the accas they have lined up for the weekend’s matches. Accumulators have become something like a ritual for a lot of football enthusiasts.

Things were quite different when accas first came out. People used to place straight accumulators, and it either lost or won. But, bookies introduced amazing features to their applications over the last years. This has added quite a lot of excitement of placing football accas.

How have football accas changed?Bookmakers first presented the accumulator insurance. This gets your stake refunded if only one of your choices turns out to be wrong. It can be very annoying if one of your picks lets you down and every other wins. The bookies understand this and refund your stake. This can vary between bookmakers, but usually, you have to have placed an accumulator with a specific number of legs for the insurance to be valid. After this, a few bookies like bet365 introduced the accumulator bonus, in which you receive up to 100% if your acca wins, which doubles your winnings. But, bookmakers like bet365 and Betfair did not stop there. They released the cash out feature, which allows you to cash out on both multiples and singles.

Moreover, this feature was expanded even further, so now you can alter your acca bet both in in-play and pre-match. It is a cracking new feature, which will change the way we place accas forever. bet365 are going to be mentioned again, their function is called Edit Bet and Ladbrokes’ is named Edit my ACCA. But, bet365 takes the lead once more, as their feature is better. You can combine selections from various sports, and they have an even better cash out feature you can start with.

#1 App – Bet365

bet365 football bettingThe primary reason to rank this app as leading is the generous bonus incentive offered by the platform. It has a sleek look, flawless navigation, and excellent performance. The app provides plentiful offers and promos. These features contribute to its high ranking on our list. This betting app is compatible with iOS and Android, and it operates without troubles on all the key models of tablets and smartphones.

The Bet365 application is excellent for football betting. This is because it offers an all-inclusive selection of in-play and pre-match niches. It covers games and tournament from the entire world, including favoured and not so traditional events.

The application can be obtained and utilised on iOS and Android handsets. And it gives gamblers the chance to place wagers on the games and teams that provoke their interest.

#2 is the Paddy Power App for Football Bets

paddy powerThis highly-ranked application for soccer bets provides a big-hearted incentive for new accounts. This bonus amounts to £50 and allows punters to check the app and make up their minds. Paddy Power has some nice features. These include in-play bets live streaming of plentiful events, competitive odds, sleek navigation. And even an endless selection of covered games and tournaments. The experience is flawless on all mobile gadgets, including Android and Blackberry handsets.

#3 Ladbrokes

LadbrokesLadbrokes is a quite experienced bookie as it comes to football betting. The application runs very well on Android devices and mobile gadgets with other operating systems. It offers unusual betting experiences and plentiful intriguing features. This includes a wide list of covered games and tournaments, in-play bets, excellent odds and simple navigations. A gambler who creates a new account will also receive an attractive welcome incentive.

Ranked #4 – Coral Football Betting Apps

CoralThe Coral mobile application is web-based. So punters can utilise it to place wagers without installing in on their mobile device. It has many attractive features. This includes coverage of popular football events, enhanced accas, improved odds, and money back options. The app also provides an excellent incentive to gamblers who decide to create a profile.

Betting with the #5 Football App of SkyBet

Sky betSkyBet is a top broadcaster of football games and also runs one of the favoured mobile betting apps. It has an excellent layout and operates without flaws. This is essential for pleasurable betting. The application gives a £20 welcoming incentive in the form of free bets. The big-hearted opening bonus, alongside with enhanced odds, live streaming, and other positive features place the platform among the top betting applications for football fans.

#6 Betfred

BetfredThe BetFred mobile application focuses on British soccer events. But it also covers global leagues and games. It has detailed statistics and live commentary, plus other notable features. These include excellent odds, simple navigation, and in-play bets. All punters who create a new account receive an incentive of £25. Moreover, instant admission to the plentiful features it provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq Which is the best football app for Android?
According to us, the bet365 app is the best one for all devices. Keep in mind that what matters the most is what you are looking for and what you need. So this may not be the best choice for you. But, if you do decide to install it, you will have to download it as a fast link on Android. As gambling apps are not allowed on Google Play.
faq Can I get all 6 apps of the list?
Of course, you can. It is worth using a few free bets from the apps we have described above to get a feeling for the best application for you. But, having six applications might get a too much, and you might lose track of your funds. So we recommend you not to overdo it.
faq Will these applications work on Windows phones?
Yes, but it is more a case of bookmarking the mobile site on your home screen. There currently aren’t any official football betting apps on the Windows App Store. If you do find any applications, we recommed you to avoid them as they are not official.

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