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Ranking the Top iPhone Betting Apps on The UK Market

Most bookmakers do not only rely on quality Android apps, but also offer best iPhone betting apps. In our website, you will find different categories for iPhone and iPad apps, even though they have the same operating system. The features of the apps are more or less the same, but there are slight changes in design and layout. The good thing about these apps is the fact that you can find them on the app store and do not need to download them from any third-party sources.

The iPhone has a reputation of a device that can handle apps very well, so it is not a surprise that there are many great sports betting applications for it. The device is small, fast and you will have no problem carrying it in your pocket. The iPhone apps are available for download on iTunes and are compatible with a huge variety of iPhone models (iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus).

We will show you the best betting apps for iPhone so that you can decide which one you are going to use. Keep in mind that some people use more than one app in order to get the best odds for and event.

Which one is better, iPhone betting apps or Mobile websites?

Is it better to play in a website or app?When it comes to placing bets on your iPhone, you have a choice. You can either use a built-in app which has responsive software directly from the mobile website of the sportsbook, or you can download their application from the App Store.

Back in 2013, the Android OS became the most used mobile Operating System worldwide. Obviously, this did not set well with their main competitor Apple, since iOS was the leading OS before Android took over.

Thus, when Google outlawed every type of real-money gambling applications from the Play Store, the whiz kids at Apple decided to alter their policy and allow such apps in the Apple App Store. This was a genius move as well as decision to make its OS more attractive than the one owned by Google. Thus, iPhone owners can now download their favourite bookies’ sports betting applications through iTunes.

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There is no need to mention how great this is for Brits. However, if you are a citizen of the United States, you will find that locating an iPhone betting app will be very tough, and much harder than downloading a casino app. That is simply because the United States Department of Justice has a worse opinion for sports betting than they do of online casino gambling. So it will not matter how familiar you are with accessing the iTunes store as well as browsing for the apps that are located there, since choosing is slim, especially if you are searching for applications that offer betting on iOS and Mac devices.

After years of gambling online and in brick-and-mortar venues, in our experience, we established a reputation as respected consultants in the online gambling industry. So if we find out that the best iPhone betting app can be found at a certified and licensed bookie right here in the UK, and here is why.

First of all, you should understand that if a website owner who has spent a fortune and has invested a lot of time into designing an online bookie has a lot depending on your personal experience. However, this is not true at all for a third-party app developer who is looking for inclusion in the App Store. This is because the developer can just move and create many different applications if the betting app you end up downloading is unsuccessful or clunky.

However, when the owner and creator of a reputable online bookie puts in the additional effort to obtain a legal licence, and he finds out that there are competitor companies who also want you as their customer, he has to dedicate every detail of his work to your satisfaction. The owner has to provide the best possible interface as well as reliable and fast software, competitive lines to make sure that you will choose his mobile betting service over another and of course an excellent welcome bonus followed by other rewards and promotions.

In order to accomplish all of this, a legitimate online bookmaker owner will give his best to offer you an app that is compatible with iPhone that is already built-in his site. This cutting-edge responsive technology does not only respond to the resolution, size and aspect ratio of your iOS or Mac device but it also perfectly adjusts the software of the app for the best possible experience. This instantly provides you with the best possible interface for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Thus, the mobile web version of the bookie will offer betting on various leagues and events such as the NBA, the Premier League, Championship, World Cup, NFL, MLB and NCAA as well as many more. There is no need to mention that the said app will also provide you with competitive sides, totals, lines, prop bets as well as features so that your experience on your device will not only reflect the reliability and speed, but also security and safety.

The trustworthiness of an application includes cutting-edge data encryption tech, which protects your deposits, personal details and withdrawals. All of these are steps that a mobile bookie has gone through to make sure that you choose it over one of its competitors. Moreover, these are qualities that we demand from any of the iPhone betting apps or online bookie we feature on our website.

Can i Bet on NBA on my phone?We found out that the top iPhone betting apps have obtained licences in countries in which it is legal. These operators are legitimately certified, usually by the UK or Gibraltar, and are accessible by players all over the world, with the exceptions of a few countries.

However, we realise that some of our readers are located in the United States, so we should warn you that a lot of bookies do not accept players from your country.

If you want to place bets on very popular international sports such as rugby, cricket, horse racing and darts, you will be glad to find out that all of them are offered as well as the major leagues we mentioned above.

Nothing is stopping you from locating a dependable iPhone betting app in iTunes. However, when you manage to access the responsible mobile version of a reputable online bookie, wagering on your iPhone will guarantee you generous bonuses, promotions, competitive markets and odds, speedy placement of bets, and most importantly security.

Why is the Apple iPhone the dream of every sports punter?

The iPhone is an excellent device which offers a stunning number of uses, and the main reason for that is its high internet connectivity. During the past several years, the massive success of the phone has attracted the attention of a vast number of betting companies, which resulted in a brand new wave of online bookies. It is obvious that these applications are quite different from each other, some are browser-based and will allow you to wafer without having to alter your iPhone’s software in any way, while the other require you to make a download.

What makes the iPhone betting apps so interesting is the fact that they usually take full advantage of the capabilities of the device, which are quite impressive by the way. The iPhone’s large screen allows you to view bookmaker software in the way in which it was designed in. The companies which developed these apps were not forced to take shortcuts since everything was already there when we consider the hardware.

As a consequence, while casino, poker and other gambling apps usually offer extremely limited functionality, if being compared to their desktop platform counterparts, mobile bookies are the same thing in a smaller package. There is no need to mention that making the right sports prediction does not require you to make any fast decisions, so the nature of sports betting just circumvents the largest problems of mobile gaming.

Online sports betting on iPad

How to bet on sports on iPad?There are a tonne of betting options for iPad you can explore, and you can find the best most trusted ones on our website. The Premier League and the Rugby Union can also be wagered on as well as golf, boxing, cricket, tennis and almost every other sport you can imagine, as long as it is played somewhere around the world.

Wagering on greyhound, car or horse races is a time honoured pastime in the UK. However, the best part is that you can enjoy all of these incredible options on your iPad.

The sports tournaments and races are still the favoured iPad betting options in the United Kingdom, but there are more unusual bets that are becoming quite popular as well. You can also wager on the outcome of events that happen in the entertainment industry, financial markets, political arena and on the current sports events. There is no need to mention that now you can place bets on e-sports matches, which weren’t even accepted as a sport a few years ago.

Betting on iPad in the United Kingdom

While I was writing this article, I thought a lot about what is the best thing about iPad betting, so I discussed it with my colleagues. There were a lot of cool features that were proposed, but there was one thing that stood out, and that is the fact that you have so many avenues open to you. What we mean by that is that you can place bets on pretty much every event in the world, and you will get the results very shortly after they are in. What is even better is that you can monitor matches during any time, which means that you can alter your betting strategy in order to maximise your winnings.

Moreover, you can look up any of the potential contenders with unlimited sources like stats and injury reports. There are several apps available for the iPad that can help you organise your gambling and research. Moreover, there are a tonne of mathematical and analytical tools that can help you make better decisions as well as other features to help you improve your strategy. The best part is that most of these have free trials, so you can find the ones you prefer to use without any risk whatsoever. We advise you to experiment with these apps since they can take betting on your iPad to the next level.

With an excess of incredible UK-based sports betting sites as well as many helpful apps that you can find on iTunes, iPad betting is certainly the leader of the mobile betting pack. So, if you are lucky enough to have such a device, you should not wait a single moment longer to start your betting adventure. All you have to do is check our app reviews right now.

Where can I get iPad betting apps?

Where to find iPad gambling apps?If you are not tech-savvy, you should not be worried since downloading gambling apps for iPad is very simple, and the whole process can be completed in a few minutes.

Most of the bookmakers offer an HTML5-based mobile version of their website which is completely compatible with your iPad. However, there are dedicated iPad betting apps that provide better quality and perform better, which is tough to beat.

You can also keep calm as if you choose an app which is developed by a top bookie, your security will not be compromised and you will have the opportunity to carry out any financial transactions without a single concern. Which is one less thing to worry about.

Security, Safety and Excellent Customer Service

Are there betting companies with good Customer service?We advise you to keep in mind that most of the online betting companies that are involved in providing mobile services have a tonne of experience from being a part of one of the most competitive markets for over a decade. As a result of that these organisations adhere to the highest possible standards when it comes to transparency, customer support and security.

In the end, it will not matter if you wager on horse racing, football, basketball, politics or even esports, as you will be assured that your hard-earned money is completely safe in the bookie’s hands, and you will certainly not have any problems with getting your winnings back.

The number of sports and markets on which you can bet on is more than impressive on most of the apps, and there is even enough to satisfy the fans of some not so mainstream sports.

The options that are available include cricket, tennis, motor racing, rugby union, NBA & NCAA college basketball, auto racing, American football and even a number of fighting sports like mixed martial arts and boxing. Thus, all the sports that make you passionate enough to wager your hard-earned money on your favourite teams or athletes are available on most of the major iPhone betting apps. So, if you are interested in online gambling, and you use an iPhone, there is absolutely no reason for you to be glued to your computer screen while you place your bets.

There is no need to mention that there are many other mobile devices that are similar to the iPhone. It is obvious that with them the choice of online sports betting services that are available for iPhone might be confusing for them at different occasions. Moreover, considering the fact of how many of them will try to tempt you with exclusive offers and features such as in-play betting and live streaming.

BestBettingApplications was designed to provide each and every one of you comprehensive reviews of the major bookies in the entire industry. Thus, if you wish to make an educated and informed decision when it comes to choosing the proper iPhone betting apps to suit your personal need, then you have come to the right place.

Frequently asked questions

If you have not found an answer to your current query in this section, you should not hesitate in letting us know what specific problem you are having and one of our experts will contact you.

faq I cannot seem to be able to find any iPhone betting apps in the iTunes App Store.
Well, this is because Apple only includes iPhone betting apps in their store in a small number of countries. This is done for legal reasons. However, you should not give up yet, as there is good news. Online bookies also offer web versions of their apps that look in the same way and offer the same features. If you want to access such applications, you will need to browse the main site from your device, and you will be redirected automatically. If you want easy and quick access to the application, you can bookmark it on the home screen of your device.
faq Are there any bookmakers that accept US citizens?
In short, yes. It is true that most of the bookies that are located in Europe, or here in the UK do not accept punters from the US, the number of mobile gaming sites which open their doors for players who reside in the US is slowly growing.
faq Is it possible to make a deposit from my iPhone?
In a nutshell, yes. Every app that is featured here offers a full cashier service, so you can withdraw funds or make a deposit during anytime you like.
faq Is there a connection speed that is recommended for iPhone betting apps?
This depends entirely on what you want to use it for. If you just want to browse and wafer and place a regular bet, a typical 3G connection will be more than enough. However, if you are planning to watch live streams of sports events or horse races, we would recommend that you have at least a fast 3G connection with at least 2GB. Moreover, if your plan includes and supports a 4G/LTE or wireless connection the picture quality will most likely be much better, and the possibility of lag is minimal.
faq What is the difference between iPad and iPhone betting apps?
That depends on the bookie of your choice. There are a number of companies such as bet365 and PaddyPower that have developed designated apps for iPad that were specifically designed to completely utilise the larger screen.