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If we consider the fact that there are over 62 million mobile phones in Britain, and the fact that there are actually more phones rather than people, there is no wonder so many best betting apps have become available on the market and that most of the operators have decided to expand their portfolios to be accessible by mobile devices. Moreover, it is not just phones. Most of the homes in the UK have at least one tablets or other mobile devices. Many of the online gamblers are happy that they have the opportunity to place a wager, even when they are not at home because the version of their favourite bookmaker has become viral.

Q: Which is the top betting app?

Mobile Responsive
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Mobile Responsive
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Mobile Responsive
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In this guide, you will be able to find reviews, rankings, comparison and all you need to know about the best betting apps. One of our main goals is to show you how to make a right choice when choosing a betting application so that you will not regret your decision afterwards. We will be reviewing all sorts of best betting apps on many platforms – Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Even though all of the bookies have mobile apps, some are clearly better than others.

You can recognise a good app if it is fast, responsive, easy to navigate and has many features and markets. Of course, each of the applications has different weaknesses as well as strengths. For example, one might give out the best bonuses, while another might have better odds. So at the end of the day, you will have to figure out which are the best features that you require and to choose the app that suits your needs the best.

Best by category

Best Betting App
Bonus: £200
Register to Bet365 – our winner – and get 100% up to £200 Bonus!. Read the bet365 mobile app review.
Best Mobile App (Web)
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10Bet offers up to £200 betting bonus!
Best Android App
Bonus: £200
Register and get 100% up to £200 Bonus! Read our bet365 android app review.
Best iPhone App
Bonus: £30
Register to Betvictor and take up to £200 welcome bonus! Our review.
Best iPad App
Bonus: £30
100% up to £200 welcome bonus awaits you only to register and take it! Read the review.
Best Blackberry App
Bonus: £20
Register to StanJames and you can bet £10 and take £20 free bet.
Best Windows App
Bonus: £100
Register to Betfair and you can bet £10 and get £100 in free bets! The review is here.
Best Bingo App
Bonus: £600
Welcome bonus up to £600 and 80 free spins! Wink’s review.
Best Casino App
Bonus: £888
Register to 888casino and play with up to £888 free! Read the review.
Best Poker App
Bonus: £230
Up to £230 in your first deposit! 888poker’s review.

Our reviews of best betting apps include of the following:

Before you start, here is our welcome message to you:

Step By Step Download & Install Guide, Interface & Layout, Features and Bonuses. Here’s the type of information that you’ll find in each one of them:

Step By Step Download & Install Guide

In this section, we will show you a detailed guide on how to install the application. You probably think that you already know how to do that, but the Android apps are not available on Google Play, so you need to use other methods of installation. We will also tell you how you can claim a new customer bonus if the bookmaker is offering one.

Interface & Layout

It is always nice when a best betting app has a good design, but it certainly is not the most important factor. Everyone has different design preferences, so in this category, you will read our opinion which will also take into consideration what the betting community thinks about the specific app. We will also show you if there are significant changes when comparing the website with the mobile app. Keep in mind that mobile applications on different platforms have different designs, so make sure to check out the review for the platform that you are using.

Are There any Special Features?

The top betting companies have many great features like Live Betting and Live Streaming which is also accessible from their mobile apps. This is crucial for us because these things enhance the betting experience and you cannot feel the difference when betting from home or on the go with your smartphone/tablet. It is always a huge advantage for a bookmaker when they are offering an In-Play console and live streams to many sporting events. For a quick summary guide – view the infographic.

What Bonuses are Available on Mobile Devices?

mobile bet365 bonusWhen a bookmaker offers a specific bonus that’s available only for the mobile app that is when you know that you have hit the jackpot, because those types of bonuses and promotions are rare to come by. Most of the free bets when making a new account can also be claimed from the mobile application. As you can see, we include the most important factors when reviewing a mobile app. This means you will have all the needed information to make an educated choice about who are you going to trust your money with and not regret it later. Safety is always a concern when it comes to online gambling, so we will make sure to post only licensed and legit bookmakers who are safe to bet with. Continue reading our guide for more information about the best betting apps.

Mobile Applications and Why Are They so popular?


The use of mobile phones is constantly growing which means the bookmakers have to expand their services onto mobile platforms. Now you can place a bet from literally anywhere, and all you need is a mobile device and internet connection. You can also spin the roulette at the casino or play some Poker through the huge variety of apps that bookies offer. View our best betting apps reviews for mobile devices.

As we stated earlier browsing sites on your phone and using apps is becoming more and more popular on a daily basis, while doing so on computers is slowly decreasing. Thus, it makes sense that operators would do their best to expand their businesses into the mobile world. If you already own a mobile phone or tablet, you already know how convenient it could be, as you can take it no matter where you go. So it is not surprising how popular this type of browsing has become.

mobile device betting and TVMost of the mobile betting apps and sites in the UK have been optimised to fit perfectly on any device and any screen. There is no doubt that the technology is getting better and better, and the speeds of the mobile internet are also growing to keep up with the latest trends. All of this is to give the users a better overall experience, than the one they once had.

Moreover, if the current trends in mobile browsing stay the same, and we think that they will, because there is no apparent reason for them not to, then it is perfectly clear that wagering on a mobile device is the future. This is largely helped by the fact that users do not require a bigger screen, like the ones that personal computers offer, to do simple tasks such as betting on sports. Continue reading our guide for more information about the best betting apps.

The Most Popular Betting Devices and Types of Apps

From casino games to sports betting, there is an app for everything. Even thou most providers focus mainly on Android and Apple devices, because of the overwhelming popularity of these brands. However, there are also apps for Blackberry and Windows. It is not just the various sizes of the available screens that have to be taken into consideration. The various devices run on different operating systems. Thus the apps have to be designed while keeping in mind the OS to work properly.

The Best Betting Apps on Android devices

In spite of what Apple would like you to think, the Android devices are actually more popular. Every major online gambling site has created the best betting apps for Android devices. However, it is not so easy to find the Android apps because you will not see them at the Google Play store, but do not worry, we will show you how to install them on your mobile android device. You can use them on phones like Samsung Galaxy, HTC and Google Nexus when you make a slight adjustment to your phone’s settings. There are quite a lot more manufacturers that are not popular enough to mention here, as well as some more popular ones that we have left out.

iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and iPod apps

You can bet directly from from your hand with Apple watch iOS apps The second most popular operating system is iOS by Apple. Most of you probably know by now that every mobile device manufactured by Apple runs on iOS. Luckily for their users, most of the wagering apps are available on iTunes, so users of iOS will have no problem finding and downloading the best betting apps for iPhone. Many people forget that you also can claim a free bet bonus when making a new account through the website. We will also show you the different offers that are available in that area. Thus it comes as no surprise that the major operators offer an app for these devices, and most of them will work for every Apple product. However, since the Apple watch is still rather new, there are only a few providers that have apps appropriate for it, and these applications offer limited use of the software. Moreover, the Apple Watch can only be used to receive instant alerts or keep you up to date on the wagers you have already placed or the newest updates on any event you have shown interest in.

The Best Betting Apps for Blackberry

Blackberry and their mobile devices are once again a force to be reckoned with and are gaining popularity, so it would not be wise to ignore them in reviews of top betting applications. You can download an app from the mobile web section of the specific bookmaker to download their mobile app. Check out our list of BlackBerry applications.

Windows Tablet and Phone Apps

Windows Phone
windows phone apps for betting are great if you are Nokia loverThe market share for the Windows devices like Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Surface is still quite small. It is slightly increasing as more devices start to use it, but there is not a lot of support in the form of developers that make apps specifically for this OS. There is no doubt that one of the best betting apps for windows is created by bet365, or at least at the time of writing this guide.
There are several other operators that support this OS, and more will probably do in the future. However, as I mentioned above, this is not a priority for the developers, because it is not a widely used OS and not many people will use the app if it is created. However, the hope is not lost. If your favourite operators do now offer a special app for Windows Tablets or Phones, you can access their site, through the browser of your choice. There might be less functionality than what you might find on your desktop or if you use a device with another OS, but you may not have another option if you are nowhere near your computer.

The Best Bingo Apps

The number of brick-and-mortar bingo halls is slowly declining. So you are probably wondering where all of the players went? You are correct, they have joined online bingo sites since they do not need to go to the nearest venue anymore. In general, you do not even need an app to play bingo for real money on your device, but those are also available. Most of the online bingo websites will provide you with an optimised page that will also work properly in your browser of choice, without having to download any additional application or software. View our ranking of top bingo applications.

The Best Casino Apps

mobile casino gameplayWe also include information about the Casino section of the app for those of you who prefer this type of betting. There are always great games like Roulette, Blackjack, Slots and many others, so we take the Casino into consideration as well. You can find the best casino apps according to us on the website. Most bookmakers have separate casino apps and have different bonuses for them, but we will make sure to give you all the required information.

The Best Poker Apps

This is also valid for Poker betting apps, even though there are fewer of them out there. Before, playing Poker on your mobile phone was a dodgy experience, but now most of the big betting companies have great poker applications which allow you to enjoy the experience when you are not at home. Most of the best betting apps are available on Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. The apps are specifically designed for mobile devices, and you can even play with real money. Thanks to our reviews you will see the easiest way to download and install these Poker apps on your phone or tablet. If you are wondering if the poker apps are as safe as the normal ones, don’t worry, they use the same levels of encryption which makes them reliable. Continue reading our guide for more information about the best betting apps.

A Brief Overview Of Regulations and Legality

It is true that it is currently legal to bet online. This includes playing casino games and wagering on sports to win cash prizes in the UK. This also includes all of the major currencies and even the digital currency known as Bitcoin. Most of the popular payment providers are also accepted. For example, credit cards and ewallets, but each website has its personal rules on which payments they accept.

United Kingdom Gambling Commission - UKGCIt is completely illegal for underage people (under 18 years) to gamble online. The licensed betting websites that service customers the United Kingdom will carry out different checks to verify the age as well as the identity of users to make sure that no minors are trying to use the service.

To legally serve the citizens in the UK, any site that offers online wagering has to initially receive a license from the UKGC. Moreover, you can search the public register of licenced operators on the GC official site to ensure yourself that any particular website has the right to serve you as well as other customers on the territory of the United Kingdom.

If the site in question does not hold an active license from the Commission to carry out gambling activities online, it is not legal for them to offer their services to UK’s citizens. You will have no legal rights if something goes wrong and you have a dispute with the operator. Moreover, if the operator is not licenced, this is highly probably. So, if you choose to do business with a site that is not licensed, then you will be completely on your own to clear up any disputes that you may face with the company. Continue reading our guide for more information about the best betting apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these betting apps secure and is it safe to give my credit card details?

The applications that we list here use the same security and software that you can find on any regular desktop casino. These operators boast of using 128-bit encryption to prevent any third-parties from stealing and using your personal details. Even if they get a hold of such information, which is highly unlikely, it will be unreadable because of the encryption mentioned above.

I noticed that most of these casinos do not accept Neteller and Skrill for their bonuses, why is that?

Most of the operators use this as a security method to prevent customer creating multiple accounts and claiming the promotional offer more than once. You can still use these methods for your deposits since only the bonuses do not accept these methods.

Will I be able to withdraw my winnings from my phone or tablet?

Most of the best betting apps will give you the opportunity to withdraw money directly from their mobile services. However, this is not the case with all of the casinos, so you might have to use your PC to do so. If you want to check if a specific operator allows this or not, you can read their T&C’s or contact their customer support. Alternatively, you can check our reviews and see which of them offer to cash out as we specify it.

Are these applications only for Apple products, or are they available for other devices as well

Each of the operators that we recommend on our website can be found on at least iOS and Android. However, most of them are also available on every HTML5 readable device. We have dedicated pages for the best betting apps for the most popular operating systems so that you can check those out as well.

Is it possible that the company declines my attempt to withdraw my winnings and what should I do in that situation?

Every casino that we list here is licenced by the UKGC and has a good reputation at the time of writing the review. It is quite unlikely that something like this will happen if you choose one of our recommended sites, but if it does you will legally be protected by the governing body. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the way they treated your dispute, you can take it even higher up the chain. If you want to learn more about your legal rights, you can visit the UK Gambling Commission’s official site.

Which are the best betting apps for football?

This certainly is not a simple question that can be answered easily. It would be best if you check out our individual reviews that are available for each service or open an account with several providers. We advise you to do so because every person has a unique taste and needs when it comes to a service. Thus, one operator may be the best for one punter, but may not be liked by another one. Click here to find latest football betting apps reviews.

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