Reviewing The Top Mobile Betting Apps in the UK for 2017

Times have changed, and now punters do not have to sit at the computer all the time to make a bet. Thanks to the smartphone, we now have unlimited access to different mobile betting apps so that we can bet on the go. The bookmakers are always trying to improve their service, and the best mobile betting apps are getting better with each year.

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Paddy Power
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You can even watch free live streams of sporting events or bet live on a game through your mobile device. Some bookies go the extra mile and even offer special bonuses for mobile users. Most of the apps are available on different platforms like Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. So you always have a huge choice when selecting the preferred betting application.

Still, you need to know all details about the app to make a smart and educated choice. We will show you the best mobile betting apps as well as how they rank among each other because there is always a difference in quality. The best betting apps can be recognised by the range of markets, the number of features and the fact that they are quick to use. Here is a quick ranking of the best betting apps according to us:

Why is mobile betting so popular?

Why is mobile gambling so popular?You have most likely noticed that browsing sites has become more popular on devices. Moreover, that the same type of activity is decreasing on traditional desktop computers. So it makes sense that the same will apply for all kinds of gambling including sports betting. If you own a smartphone, and I am sure that you do, you are aware of how convenient it is as you can take it everywhere, no matter where you will go. Moreover, the likelihood of you have mobile internet connection there is huge, except if you are in some forest in the middle of nowhere. So the popularity of mobile gambling should not surprise you at all. The best mobile betting apps, as well as the sites that are optimised for mobile screens in the UK, have come a long way in the last several years. The technology is becoming more advanced and better. Moreover, the speed of the mobile connections is catching up to give you a better experience. There is no reason for these trends in mobile browsing to stop. So it is clear that wagering on a mobile device is the future, especially if considering how busy people have become. People do not need a large screen like the ones on a laptop to complete a simple task like paying the bills.

What attributes make a mobile betting app great?

We know what matters to you and what you are looking for. So when we review the best mobile betting apps and mobile sites we complete our research by using this criterion! It is not only about usability and quality, there are many more attributes. We cannot walk you through the entire process, because that will take too much time to read, and most of you will find it boring. So we will explain everything in a nutshell. It will not strike you as one of the most important things, but mobile device compatibility is crucial. Imagine the frustration of a person who finds out that his or her phone or tablet cannot run a specific mobile app. You can keep calm, since the best mobile betting apps that are featured here will spare you those unpleasant situations. It does not matter if you own the latest iPhone or if you are a die-hard Android fan, the best betting applications will be only several taps away. If you are not into the most mainstream operating systems, you should not be worried since you can place bets on other devices. If you are an online gambler, you are so used to bonus offers that you are not impressed by them at all anymore. Such promotions are no longer something exceptional, as they have become some norm. It does not matter how lucrative an offer is, it will not surprise you. That is because every bookie offers one. When the bookies released the first applications the bonuses that were available on desktop, were not on mobile. But, this is no longer the case, and there are many high-tech developments since then. For example, some of the best betting sites like 888sport have a game that is like Pokémon Go as it uses the device’ GPS to allow you to hunt for free bets. But, even if all the bonuses in the world combine into one giant one, it will not be enough if an application does not meet your specific needs. The most fundamental one is to be able to bet on sports in a quick manner and without any difficulties or issues. So, this is where the features and navigation come into the picture. It may sound like subjective criteria, but your impression has to be good. But, we at are not sugar-coating anything. Thus, in each of our reviews, you will find an honest evaluation about every app’s advantages and disadvantages.

Is it necessary to download and install software?

So far, the easiest way to wager on your phone or tablet is to access the betting site of the bookmaker on your device’s browser. The website detects that you are using a mobile device and it will adapt the page for the screen of the device you are currently using. This procedure does not need to download or install any software, and it is easy and quick. This is not an app, but your experience will be as good as on the desktop version. But, if you want to install the native app, then we recommend you to read our answer to “What if I want to download an app instead of play on the mobile version of the website?”

The precautions that you should consider

You would not trust your hard-earned money on a random website that claims that they are a bank, would you? Of course not. You also would not order products from some shady place that look suspicious. So, it is logical to take the same precautions when it comes to the best betting apps and sites. We have gathered a small list of points you should follow when trying to find the best mobile betting apps.
  1. The first thing you always have to check before creating an account with a bookmaker is to search the public register of licencees in the UKGC. Here is a link for your ease. You can search both for the company name or the site name. This lets you know if a specific website is licensed and which activities they can offer you.
  2. After making sure that the site of your interest has an active license, you should head to the Terms and Conditions page. Usually, there is a link close to the bottom of the page. If you cannot find the T&C’s, you should definitely consider this as a warning sign.
  3. If they sound reasonable to you, but you are still not completely sold on the service, we recommend you to check out several online reviews. You should stray away from reviews that are short and seems more like an ad rather than honest assessment.
  4. It is always a good idea to use your intuition and common sense. So if you have a bad feeling about a specific site, move on to the next one. There are plenty bookmakers in the UK, so you always have the opportunity to browse around for another option that you will feel better about.
  5. Online bookmakers that advertise a lot can usually be trusted. It is obvious that have a huge budget, so it is unlikely that they are in any type of financial trouble. Moreover, with such a wide advertising reach, there will be more scrutiny from the regulators and the public. Thus, if they start acting shady, it will become well-known very fast.
  6. Always keep a copy of your ID or passport ready to go. You will most likely be asked to prove your age, identity and adress before you can withdraw your winnings. This is a safety measure keep minors away from gambling services.
But, even after you take all these precautions, nothing will be guaranteed. You cannot predict the future, and your money might not always be safe. For example, if the service you are using might go out of business. The UKGC checks each company’s financial standing when they apply for a license, but this does not guarantee their future stability. There are safeguards which are in place, though. Like the requirement that the business holds the customer’s funds in a bank account which is separate from their operating money.

How do QR codes save you time and efforts?

How to use this bet365 QR code?QR codes started out as a huge phenomenon in Japan and the East. Moreover, their popularity in the UK is growing as well as in Europe. But, you are most likely wondering what QR codes are and why should you even consider using them? Well, QR is an abbreviation of Quick Response, and it is a 3d barcode. As its name implies, it allows you to scan it and reveal specific information about a service or product. Most companies use it as an instant link to their website, which means that you do not have to type in the URL address anywhere. As we explained the QR code is part of the barcode family. But, the 3D code can contain much more information than the traditional 2D one. A line barcode cannot contain more than 30 characters since it is used as a unique number that identifies some type of information. It can bring up information like price, type, name and so on. A cool example of this is your mobile device. You can find an IMEI code behind the battery of your tablet or phone as well as on the box it came in. So if you scan the barcode below it, you will see those letters and numbers that are unique for your device. So now that we got you excited, you are most likely wondering how to read a QR code? Well, you will need a QR reader. These are available for free on every popular model of smartphones. It does not matter what kind of operating system you use. Some companies even offer their devices, with such readers already installed on them. For example, Samsung has an app called “Optical Reader”. So this reader app uses your camera, and it works when you point your device towards a QR code. After that, the phone will vibrate, and it will ask you if you want to visit the website that is contained in the code. In a nutshell, QR codes are an easy and quick way to open sites, find out information about a company or a product. Which is pretty cool if you ask us. If you want to try this out, we recommend you to scan our bet365 QR code and visit their mobile site.

Best app for Football betting

Which is the best app for betting on football?Since you are on this page and you are reading this article, you are most likely a vivid football fan, and you most likely bet on this sport often. If our assumption is accurate, Betvictor‘s app is the perfect one for you. You are thinking, aren’t there other betting sites that offer good deals on the Premier League. But, you should consider the fact that Victor Chandler’s odds cannot be matched by any bookie. The app is like their desktop version, since there are no fancy animations or colours, but you will fall in love with their InstaBet feature. It is a separate app that gives you better odds on a selection of markets. The best part is that BetVictor’s number of markets cannot be matched by a lot of bookies. Only bet365 and 10bet. Yep this bookie will offer you a tonne of worldwide football matches, on all types of events. So if you are tired of wagering on the Premier and Champion Leagues, try betting on a La Liga game or smaller none-league matches. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and download this bookie’s app! Here are other best football betting apps.

The best mobile betting apps that offer live streaming

Which is the best live streaming app?Considering Live streaming and In-Play betting, there is one bookmaker that stands out. Everyone is aware of bet365’s excellent live betting services and what is surprising is that they are as good on their mobile platform. You will find everything you are looking for, no matter if it is a live bet, withdrawal option or even a high-quality stream. SkyBet’s Android application is another one you should check if you are looking for multimedia features. We will not lie to you. Their Bet and Watch offer for every UK and Irish horse race is not something unique. But, you should consider the fact that this bookie is operated by the BSkyB Group. I know what you are thinking, and yes this is the same company that owns Sky Sports. And yes, it is the undisputed sports media leader in the last several decades. Skybet does not only offer live races broadcasting. They also provide you with their best betting app services in an uncommon and refreshing layout. There is no need to mention that every aspect of the app is Sky Sports-themed. If you take a glance at Coral’s iPhone app for the first time, it might look like they cannot offer you anything special. But, in reality, their mobile platform is one of the very few that support the entire functionality of the bookmaker. It is not only compatible with iOS and Android devices. It can also be run in a browser on Windows, Blackberry and every single device that has a touchscreen. You will also be able to watch streamed races on your device, and all you have to do is wager at least £1 on them.

#1 – Bet365’s mobile app

bet365 mobile appBet365 is a top bookmaker, so it is logical that their app represents their quality. Considering that they offer one of the best mobile betting apps on the market and you should definitely check them out. Do not forget to claim the £200 bonus when you sign up with them. There are different ways to install the app, but make sure to read our review, because it is not the same for every way. It is not complicated at all for iPhone and iPad, because you can download the app from the iTunes store. For Android, you will not be able to find it on Google Play, so you will have to get it from another source – view more about bet365’s Android app. The app is quick, easy to navigate and very responsive. It offers a lot of the website’s features, and the number markets is incredible. There is not much difference between using the Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry mobile betting apps and the website. Because each version will look good on your device because it is HMTL5-based and is made to fit on any screen.

#2 – William Hill

william hill mobile appWilliam Hill is one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK and their app is not short of quality. It looks very professional and the people who made it put a lot of thought into it. When you sign up with William Hill, you get a £25 free bet if you place a wager with the same value. The app also has some promotions like the “Accumulator Insurance”. This means that if you place an accumulator on 6 or more events and one of them loses, you will receive your stake back. The bookmaker also offers a £30 free treble your money bet, so if you are a new user make sure to register through the link below. The app is available for Android(click here), iPad, iPhone and Blackberry users. It does not offer only a huge variety of sportsbook markets, but also casino, poker, games and bingo. For a more information read our detailed review of the William Hill mobile app.

#3 – BetVictor

betvictor mobile appBetVictor has a lot of experience in the field and provide us with one of the best betting sites amongst all online bookmakers. Their mobile betting app lives up to the expectations. Moreover, you will be satisfied no matter if you choose the Android(click here for APK) or iPhone version. The app is very interactive, and you will not have any trouble navigating the menus or placing a bet on it. If you are a fan of the casino and prefer that type of betting, there are many casino-style games available in the app. You receive a £25 bonus when creating a new account at BetVictor, so make sure you capitalise on it and try out this bookmaker. They are not the most popular bookmaker, but their app is of the highest quality. For a full review of the BetVictor mobile app follow this link.

#4 – Paddy Power

paddy power mobile appIt is impossible to rank so many of the best mobile betting apps and not mention Paddy Power’s mobile application among them. The app is a simplified version of their website, and it is pretty well-suited for the mobile device to provide the same level of betting experience. Not only do they offer many possibilities to their customers, but they also have a £20/€20 bonus for new accounts that is very easy to claim. The app works very well on all devices like Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. So it is not a surprise that the Irish-based bookmaker is featured on our list. Click here to read more about Paddy Power’s mobile app.

#5 – Ladbrokes

ladbrokes mobile appThe Ladbrokes mobile betting app includes quick links so you can find the most searched areas. Cash Out and In-Play markets are available, which is always a plus. You can also customise the view of the app thanks to expandable boxes that also help you choose how much information you want to see on the screen. Ladbrokes also offer great customer support if you have any problems or question about the app. You have many methods through which you can deposit money, so it is unlikely that you will have problems in this area. Do not forget to claim the opening bonus when making a new account. Ladbrokes keep up with the recent trends, but they also make some innovations to their app. Ladbrokes mobile betting application review – how to download and install – click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have covered some of the questions that customers usually ask us. They are things that you may have a query about that are not covered on this page. If we have not covered your specific question, do not hesitate to contact us at
faq Is it possible to use more than one app?
Yes, you can download and install as many applications as you want. The only thing that limits you is the storage space that is available on your device. But, the best betting apps’ usual size is quite small, so this should not be an issue. Our experts have every app installed on their devices and often rotate the one they use depending on the market they want to wager on. For example, bet365 is an excellent all rounder, but BetVictor is the app we choose for all football bets.
faqIf I use a mobile app will I be able to receive a bonus?
Every app that is featured on our website will provide you with free bets or a matched deposit bonus, once you create an account and make a deposit. Always remember to check the T&C that apply to these promotions.
faqIs every market available on the app?
Most of the sites have their entire range of markets available on the application. But, there are some that have fewer markets on both the mobile website and the app. You can figure this information out by reading our in-depth mobile reviews on the bookie of your choice.
faqIs there an app that does not have a minimum deposit?
Every operator has a deposit of at least £5. We assume that this is to reduce the bank charges that might incur. But, the smallest bet can start as low as 3p.
faqWhich are the best mobile betting apps that offer a live cash out option?
From the best mobile betting apps that we feature, the only ones that allow you to cash out your bets early are bet365 and Paddy Power. This means that the odds will be lower than if you do not cash out. But, it is an amazing feeling when you cash out and then the opposite team scores which means that you would not have won anything.
faqAre there Bet exchange apps?
The internet is quite vast and it is fair to say that you can find everything online including mobile bet exchanges. But, our goal is to help you get the best possible betting experience so will not let you end up at some shady bookie that is based somewhere overseas. Currently, the only website that has Bet Exchange and is featured on our website is Ladbrokes.
faqWhat if I want to download an app instead of play on the mobile version of the website?
How to allow unknown sources?You might be surprised to learn that Google does not allow the best mobile betting apps on the app store but Apple does. You are most likely wondering how come? Well, so did we. So we contacted Google and asked them. In their reply, they stated that the company does not allow content or services that promote online gambling. This includes lotteries, online casinos, sports betting or skill games that offer cash prizes. There is no need to be worried. You can still get all our recommended best mobile betting apps on your device, even if it is an Android one. It will take a few extra taps, but we will walk you through the steps. Here is how you can do that: You need a device that is running Android 4.0 or higher. You will have to go to Settings, then Security and tap on Unknown Sources. When you select this option, you will be able to install the best mobile betting apps from sources that are different from Google Play. If your device is running on Android 3.9 or lower, you have to go to Settings, then the Applications options and tap on Unknown Sources. An alert will pop up you have to press on OK. Then download an app like GetJar and install it and after that find the bookie you are looking for. We recommend you to return to the settings page and untick the box that states unknown sources.
faqIs it safe to install from sources that are unknown?
Companies such as Paddy Power refer the customers who use Android to the GetJar platform. Getjar is an application like Google Play but does not follow the same T&C. What we are saying is that is the app is official you should not worry about safety. But, we recommend you to change your settings back after you install the app. We also recommend you to avoid paid apps that appear free, since many of them contain some form of malware (malicious software). And yes, this includes the ones found on Google Play. Google authorises submissions of apps without checking them so you might come across rogue apps. And this is a general warning, not just for the best mobile betting apps! GetJar is an independent app store founded back in 2004, and since then over 15 million people have used it to download over 2.5 billion apps.


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