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Bookmakers with Man of the Match App for UK Punters

Man of the match app is a widely-favoured betting option, which gives gamblers the opportunity to select the top player in a game and to realize substantial winnings, depending on the odds and money they have invested. This market is typically limited to matches on TV, and its acceptance continuously grows, so bookies have included it in their mobile betting applications and websites. We have created a list of some of the ultimate betting apps offering man of the match deals. Gamblers who are eager to place wagers on this market will find handy info about the best applications and their offers.

Guide to Betting with the Man of the Match App

Top three online operators which offer a mobile app for betting on the man of the match:


man of the match appBetVictor is among the pioneers that first features the man of the match in their sports books, and today this bookie is among the leaders with its valuable deals and decent odds. The application provides this market on all games from the English Championship that are on TV. The rules of the market stipulate that the results come out after the end of the match when they announce the best player or by 12 o’clock on the following day when other companies such as ITV or Sky Sports announce the top player in the game. In case there is no winner as a top footballer, gamblers receive back their money within the following twenty-four hours.

The bookie also features this market for international matches in which England participates, but usually, the offer does not cover friendly matches. BetVictor is the single mobile bookie that provides top rated from the players who scored. Such bets are typically a great challenge, but they can bring significant winning if the gambler successfully selects a winner. BetVictor has a fully functional betting application, and it offers some great incentives. New players who join the platform can receive a £25 free incentive to place some free wagers.

Paddy Power

man of the match app viewPaddy Power has joined the ranks of the bookies that offer odds for the man of the match app. The bookie restricts these bets to TV games and the Premier League, but they usually are of great value and can bring prize winnings if you select a winner. Despite these restrictions, the bookie has some generous offers and promos. Thus, new punters receive free £20 when they deposit £10.

Gamblers should compare the odds provided by the app of Paddy Power and the other two bookies and then select the best deal, maximizing their winnings and finances. This way they will also get the latest updates about the current promotional offers and incentives.

FAQs about the Man of the Match Market

  • How does betting on this market work? – At the end of the game, the commentator announces the top player of the game or the broadcasting company publishes the name on its internet site by the next day. In case there is no winner, the bookie announces all bets as void and returns the money the gamblers have deposited.
  • Does this market cover international soccer games? – Yes, it does, but only if it is an England match. Keep in mind that if ITV broadcasts the games, Andy Townsend determines the top rated player and seems to be keen on Sterling and Wilshire players. Currently, the market does not cover non-English games.
  • Why only a few bookies provide this betting market? – The market is quite new, and the bookmakers should have particular traders before they start offering such bets. However, the popularity of man of the match betting niche continuously grows, so more bookies will probably feature the market in their sports books.