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Football Stats Zone Application – Is It The Best Football Stats App for Betting

The football stats zone app is one of the endless applications that provide football statistics, so it may be challenging to find a quality one which offers in-depth stats and covers not only the English championships but all European tournaments. Happily, there is such a mobile application which combines all data soccer fans would like to know. Unfortunately, the application is compatible only with iOS, so if your apparatus has Android, you will have to use another mobile platform for soccer stats. The Football Stats Zone application is an incredible choice of everyone who wants to be abreast of all happening in English and European soccer championships.

This app for football stats is excellent because it features detailed data about all games, including major and less popular leagues. The greatest advantage is that the app offers not only the standard statistics but also info about bets and streaks. It is available in the Apps’ store, and you can obtain it on your apparatus for free, but currently it performs only on iPhone and iPod gadgets.

Screen View of the Football App

football stats zone app

Review of the Football Stats Zone App

After downloading the application on your device, you will immediately get admission to pre-match data, live scores, updates and complete information about the match after the end of the game. The app covers the major leagues and championships in Europe, and the list of featured games is endless. You can follow all matches of your interest.

Right after the release of the platform, it has undergone certain enhancements and improvements, which resulted in the excellent application we know and use today. There is also an incredible blog section where users can read the opinion and analysis of professional football writers.

The pre-game information is comprehensive, and it features stats from previous games between the two teams, winning streak, comparison of the home and away results, latest news about players and clubs, etc.

The difference between the Football Stats Zone app and other which are similar to it becomes visible when the match starts and is in progress. The majority of the other platforms provide elementary info about scorers and times of realized goals. But this application offers consistent data of the game situations leading to the goal and presents this info in great exactness. The platform provides stats about shots, passes and tackles, so it is extremely handy if you are eager to place wagers on corners, ball possession, shots on targets, etc.

The Football Stats Zone has won generous prizes at the AOP Digital Awards. It is also in the showcase featuring the best applications found on the Apps’ Store. Probably the single disadvantage is the lack of Android versions. Further improvements are possible regarding the paid version of the platform, so users do not get interrupted by adverts.

The application will not disappoint you because it combines comprehensive stats, handy information and excellent performance for an ultimate experience. This platform unquestionably ranks among the top starts apps in football and plentiful fans of the game and gamblers fancy it and use it regularly.