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Best Windows Phone Betting Apps – Ranking for 2018

Here we have listed the best Windows Phone betting apps. Many have been bewildered by the rapid boost in the acclaimed received by the mobile gadgets with the Windows operating system, which resulted from the collaboration between Microsoft and Nokia. The two technological giants have managed to create successfully and flawlessly working personal phones and tablets, which are preferred and favoured globally.

Following the accomplishment of the Windows Phone devices, plentiful bookies decided to take advantage of the trend and release dedicated betting applications for such mobile gadgets.

Gamblers cannot find and download Windows mobile betting applications in the marketplace, but on-the-go betting is still possible thanks to the non-downloadable apps, which are compatible with Windows gadgets. These platforms allow punters to pledge bets, to enjoy live streaming on their apparatus and to stay updated about the scores. All of this happens on the move, and these features are brought to gamblers directly to the handsets they utilise.

The best apps and sites for Windows Phone

The websites which we have listed above are currently the best ones for Windows Phones. Each of the applications is specifically designed to work as a completely functioning mobile gambling place for Microsoft devices. The best Windows Phone apps will cater to your particular device.

If you try using a mobile bookmaker which is not recommended by us, you might notice that they do not look right, since they were designed with other brands in mind. The sites and apps that we have chosen are designed to work perfectly with your device. This means that you can expect flawless graphics, which run smoothly as well as a wide selection of betting markets. This is true whether you are playing through a dedicated bookmaker app or a website.

Brand Bonus Review Link
N/A bonus Bet365 app Download
Sky bet
£20 bonus SkyBet windows phone app Download
£30 bonus Betfair windows phone app Download
£25 bonus Ladbrokes windows phone app Download

* T&C’s apply. Click on Download for more details.

Web-based Apps with Full Compatibility – The Bright Future of Mobile Betting

windows phone betting appDue to the restrictions about gambling applications imposed by Google and Apples, most bookies orient towards web-based, non-downloadable applications, which operate seamlessly on their apparatuses.

Admission can be enhanced by creating a bookmark on the device’s screen. This practice seems to be the bright future of mobile betting and a wise way to move around the restrictions concerning real-money betting.

All these intriguing features improve the quality and functionality of  betting platforms for Windows apparatuses, and allow bookies to offer applications, which possess the same high-level functionality as their desktop versions.

The popularity of Windows betting apps continues to expand, and the bookies attract new gamblers by providing an abundant selection of treats, specially created for mobile users. Thus, the apps offer free incentives and bets, regular promos, competitive odds, perfect operation, boosted safety, live streaming, and extensive lists of featured events. All this is possible due to the unfolding of technology and the advancements made by Microsoft and Nokia, who work together to bring betting directly under your fingertips and to provide excellent, on the go betting experience.

What Makes Windows Phone Betting Apps Worth Checking

Though plentiful punters are already using mobile apps on their personal tablet or phone, there are still gamblers who we simply cannot convinve that these platforms are worth trying. Here are the most prominent reasons why you should not discard such apps so quickly:

  • Live streaming of bountiful sporting events – gamblers can watch the games they favour right on their handset, in real time. It is not imperative to be at home and in front of the TV. The mobile betting apps for Windows gadgets make it attainable to watch thousands of games and event on the move.
  • Generous incentives in the shape of free odds – the majority of online betting platforms provide exclusive promos and incentives, which are not offered in their standard desktop version. These perks feature money back offers, welcome incentives, enhanced odds, and reload bonuses.
  • Excellent UK coverage – the quality of mobile betting apps available in the UK constantly grows, and now they offer ultimate betting experience, seamless navigation, exclusive perks and great graphics.

These three reasons make Windows betting apps a wise choice and punters who like sports betting and do not want to be restricted to their computer should unquestionably check such mobile applications and try the experience they provide.

Why are the Windows Phone users hitting the bookies?

The mobile bookmaking market is rapidly changing. One of these changes is the rise of betting apps and sites that support Windows Phones. If you use a Nokia handset, you will need software which is compatible with Windows Phones, and there is no way around it. Each of these different bookie apps and sites means that you will need help finding the best one for you. This is where we come in, with a guide which features these components:

  • Mobile – The bookmakers which are optimised for mobile gambling and have apps that are dedicated for bookmaking as well as for the Windows OS will elevate every operator in our reviews.
  • Security – If you want to bet with real money, while you are on the go, you will want to be unwavering that your personal information is safe. The best Windows Phone apps in our list have the best possible encryption software.
  • Fast Payouts – No one wants to wait several weeks to withdraw the cash they won fair and square. Quick payout speeds are a must-have for our top picks.
  • Selection of Games – Our experts look for variety when they test a bookie. If a Windows Casino wants to be recommended by us, it has to offer a varied and diverse portfolio of markets and odds.
  • Customer Support – If a casino is doing its best to dodge customer enquiries and concerns, this shows that the said operator may not be trustworthy. Moreover, there are no reputable casinos that operate like that. Every top pick in our Windows list offers a helpful and responsive customer support.
  • Officiated – There isn’t a better test for the legitimacy of a Windows casino than the endorsement by a reputable gambling association. Each of the Windows bookmakers on our list is licenced by official bodies in the industry.

How to bet on bookmaker apps and sites on your Windows Phone?

How can I place bets with my windows phone?Once you start betting with real money on your device, particularly Windows Phone, you will realise that it is much different from wagering on your personal computer or laptop.

The websites that we have recommended on our site will give you the opportunity to choose between downloading a Microsoft bookie app for mobile and betting straight from your browser. All you have to do is create an account, pick a market and start betting.

Every mobile bookie for Windows that we have listed has comprehensive cashier support. Thus, you can easily and safely withdraw and deposit real money straight from your smartphone. Each of these trusted sites uses encryption software in order to keep your data secure and safe. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and pick a website to start betting on your favourite sports markets.

Windows Phone vs. other popular brands

Online gambling made every part of the fun and excitement that bookies give you, available in your home, but now you have access to your favourite markets from your Windows Phone no matter where you are as long as you have a decent connection to the internet.

We assume that the gambling fans who own a Microsoft Phone will want to dive in and start betting right away. However, finding a suitable real money app could prove to be quite the challenge. That is because most mobile apps cater to Androids and iPhones. If you want to find the best Windows Phone bookmaker, we advise you to stick with us. Our best Windows Phone apps will:

  • Allow you to download and play in their dedicated apps for Windows.
  • Support browser-based gambling on Windows Phone.
  • Allow you to experience real money bets while you are on the go.

The Advance of Mobile Technology and Software

Microsoft is an indisputable leader as it comes to computers and software for them, but the situation was not so flooring in the field of mobile technologies. Thus, Android and iOS took ahead and managed to take the lead, causing speculations that Microsoft did not stand a chance to draw level with them. The company has made a few mistakes, but it managed to develop successful mobile products, which are continuously attracting people to utilise the Windows mobile operating system.  Now there are plentiful web apps that offer quality and straightforward mobile betting on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile gambling is still a relatively new industry, so it is natural that users encounter occasional issues or have questions that they need to be answered. Here, we have compiled the most common problems that you might face with your Windows Phone.

faq Why should I use one of your best Windows Phone apps instead of a regular site?
It is true that it is possible to browse a bookmaker website on your Windows tablet. However, it is almost impossible to do so on a smartphone with a smaller screen. Navigation, logging in and even choosing the appropriate market and event will require too much effort.

Bookmaking apps were designed particularly for smaller screens, which makes it easy to read the text, find exactly what you are looking for and start betting in just a few clicks. Regular sites often require Adobe Flash, which is still not supported by Windows Phone, iPhone and a lot of Android devices.
faq Why are there no gambling apps in the Windows app marketplace?
You will not be able to download any bookmaker apps from the Windows Phone App Store because of Microsoft’s content policy. It states that apps, which enable legal gambling are only permitted in specific jurisdictions. However, both Google and Apple have similar policies, so online bookies are focusing their attention to web applications rather than native ones. A wide range of poker, casino games, bingo and even sports betting is now available to be played for real money via Nokia Lumia’s browser.
faq How can I be sure that a particular betting app is compatible with my Windows Phone?
Since iOS and Android are the most popular operating systems, many gambling sites forget to mention that their applications are also compatible with Windows Phone OS. They only include the Google Play and iTunes logos on their websites.

However, the good news is that most online bookmakers currently develop their software using HTML5, which works flawlessly on any mobile OS and browser. We happily recommend all of the mobile operators listed on our website as we have tested each and every one of them using some Windows Phones and tablets.
faq Do I have to install Adobe Flash to watch live streams?
No. Adobe Flash no longer supports mobile devices, so most of the streams are HTML5-based. We can assure you that the quality will be the same, as this is the same technology which allows you to watch Youtube videos on your tablet and smartphone. The best thing about HTML5 is that it is cross-browser compatible. This means that you do not have to use Internet Explorer, as most of you probably hate it. You can use Chrome, Mozzila and even Safari.
faq Are there any bookmaker apps for Windows tablets such as Nokia Lumia 2520?
Of course, there are. Most of the major European bookies have developed entirely separate tablet applications for Asus Transformer Book T100, Dell Latitude 10 and Microsoft Surface RT. The layout of these apps for tablets is slightly different to utilise the larger screen completely.