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Betting on your Kindle for E-Books Gambling

kindleAll gamblers who have purchased Kindle tablet and are eager to start betting have been quite let down and discontented to see that there are no betting applications in the Amazon app store and Google Play. There is a simple clarification about placing a bet on Kindle: Google bans gambling with real money, and Amazon follows the same restrictions. Happily, there are still ways to place wagers using your Kindle tablet by obtaining applications developed by third parties or web apps. Thus, gamblers will get admission to the conventional betting functionality and can get free bets.

How to Bet on Kindle – A Quick Guide and Handful Tips

  • Bet365 – To place wagers in bet365, you will have to download a third-party application compatible with Android, including Kindle tablets. Gamers should first register an account, which will give them admission to a vast selection of betting options.
  • After you activate a new profile, you will be capable of obtaining the application from GetJar as an APK file, changing the settings of your tablet to allow software developed by third parties. This APK file is a copy of the iPhone application to bet on kindle, and it functions in a similar matter. Another way to install the application is to add the app to the home page of your gadget.
  • Paddy Power – This bookie ranks among the best and most reputable online betting platforms, and it offers a free £20 incentive for all gamblers who create new accounts. The installation of the application is straightforward and quick – you only need to add the home page to the tablet and start placing wagers. Paddy Power provides a huge range of bets, markets, and odds, and this betting platform has attractive offers and big-hearted bonuses.
  • William Hill – There is no third party application for William Hill to secure to your device, so gamblers should add the mobile website of the app to the screen of their Kindle. To do this, you should open the home page of the bookie. Users who register new profiles receive £20 when they make their first deposit.
  • Sky Bet – Just like William Hill, Sky Bet is also a web-based app which you should add to the home screen of the Kindle. This way gamblers will get access to the betting platform, and new users get a free incentive of £20 as they deposit as little as £5!

FAQs about Placing Bets on Kindle

kindle or booksCan I only use these mentioned websites to place Kindle wagers? – No, the majority of the online bookies offer web-based apps, which gamblers can obtain on their tablets. We believed that the mentioned websites are quite responsive and provide good offers.

Are there any differences between the mobile site of bet365 and the app they provide? – There are no differences regarding the performance, functionality and look of the app and the mobile website. It is a matter of preference whether gamers use the application or the mobile site.

Can I play casino games on my Kindle tablet? – Yes, sure. The bookies we have listed also offer mobile casino platforms. However, due to the restraints imposed by Google and Amazon, real money casino games are not offered in their app stores, so gamers have to use third-party apps. The same applies to poker and bingo games.