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Canadian Betting Apps for the Gamblers who Are into Sports

Everyone can bet on their favoured sport and team with the Canadian Betting Apps without any worries. Canadians are huge fans of sports, so it is not extraordinary that they like placing bets on games, too. The great news for punters is that gambling is legal in this country. The largest online gambling regulator is also in Canada – this is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Thus, the residents of Canada get admission to plentiful betting applications, which are suitable for all kinds of mobile devices.

The top-favoured sports of Canadians are lacrosse and ice hockey, but they are also interested in soccer, basketball, Canadian football and multiple other sports and events. There are plentiful basketball teams in the country, which have thousands of fans.

The oldest baseball park is situated in Canada while the final match of the Football League is unquestionably among the most beloved and attractive sports events in the country. Winter sports are also extremely popular, and snowboarding and alpine skiing are top favourites of fans and gamblers. Other globally preferred and standard sports, such as tennis, swimming and golf, enjoy incredible popularity.

Considering this keen interest in multiple sports, one can expect to find numerous betting applications in Canada. The development of mobile devices and technologies allows the thriving of various mobile apps, which offer fantastic odds, endless markets, live streaming of sports events, statistics, incentives and handy tips.

Below you can find a list of the best betting applications in Canada for your mobile device. Read the brief info about them:

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What is a Canadian Bet?

This happens on 5 selections that consist of 26 wagers, 10 doubles, 10 trebles a five-fold and five four-fold accas. The Canadian bet also referred to as the Super Yankee, is a wager in which each runner has equal weight regarding the return of the bet. It is quite similar to the Lucky 31, with the sole difference that there are five missing wagers, which otherwise would have been placed on each selection.

Since this type of bet is complex, it can be tough to predict what effect a single losing runner would have on the returns. This is why we advise you to experiment with various outcomes using a Canadian bet calculator. Tonnes of those can be found online.

Development and Advance of Mobile Betting Technologies in Canada

Placing wagers on sports is popular in Canada, but Canadians are not so firmly attached to betting as the Brits or the Aussies. However, in Canada sports fans and gamblers enjoy similar betting options as the ones available in the USA or Europe. There are traditional casinos, plentiful professional teams in all sports fields, excellent TV coverage of numerous events and tournaments, stadiums and facilities.

canadian betting appsMobile betting on sports is also available in Canada, just like in other countries. Here gambling is perfectly legal, so gamblers can place wagers on their favoured sports using the internet or their mobile gadgets with the Canadian Betting Apps. Thus, football fans can follow the games from the local football league and place bets on while they watch the games, utilising mobile platforms which are specially created to suit their needs and preferences.

Hockey fans can bet on numerous events and take advantage of tips, statistics, and other handy information. The bookmakers run easy-to-navigate apps with an optimal performance so that punters can bet on the go. Social betting is another feature, and it provides punters with the opportunity to place wagers with their pals, eliminating the necessity of a bookie to regulate the bets.

What sports are favoured by Canadians? There are no surprised in their taste. Sports fans in the country fancy the same events and games as the fans in the USA and other nations. The focus is mainly on the standard sports, alongside with options, which are traditional for Canada.

Hockey in undoubtedly considered the most traditional sport in Canada. The first organised hockey game was in 1875 in Montreal. The US national league of hockey features seven Canadian teams. However, the popularity of this activity is not restricted to the professional field. There are plentiful non-professional teams in the country, plus multiple young people who are practising this sport just for fun. There are some hugely popular local school and university leagues, which are similar to the scholastic football leagues in the UK or the basketball leagues in the USA.

hockey bettingjpgCanadians also favour American sports, and they follow and bet on baseball, basketball, and car racing. The increased popularity of American leagues is due to the presence of Canadian professional teams in several US leagues. These Canadian representatives participate in the specific leagues in America and have plentiful fans that place wagers on the games.

Canadians are interested in international events, too. They follow and bet on the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup, the Super Bowl, and virtual football.

Canadian sports fans and gamblers are fortunate enough because they can place punts on global sports events, but they also have a high admission to the local market of leagues and games. The constant development and advancement of technology allow bookies to release and operate suitable betting applications for mobile gadgets.

The platforms for the Canadian Betting Apps cover all-inclusive ranges of sports, have intriguing features, offer fantastic incentives and promos, and allow convenient betting on the go. Gamblers can personalise the settings and utilise the app they prefer on their personal mobile device.


Apart from the provincial government, it is completely illegal to offer sports betting in Canada. A lot of provinces have their own gambling run by the government, where the locals can legally place bets. However, there are many cases in which the choice is not as vast as with a regular bookmaker, and the margins are much wider than average, so the value for money is definitely not premium. Moreover, single bets are often not being offered, only parlays with more than two selections. This makes the choice for Canadian punters much smaller.

However, fear not because there is another option for you. You can choose from a tonne of offshore websites which are willing to let Canadians sign up. There are, of course, laws which state that it is illegal to play in an illegal gambling venue. However, since the sites are offshore, legal experts have argued that you are not technically wagering in a Canadian Betting shop.

Offshore Depositing

Even though it is legal to gamble overseas, financial transactions might be a problem with bookmakers. These sites usually offer you a range of deposit options, but some of them might not be accepted, particularly regarding credit or debit cards. In these situations, either the card issuer or bookie might decline the transaction.

If this happens to you, usually it is best to contact the customer support of the bookmaker, either through live chat or email. If you choose a reputable site, they will be very helpful when assisting you.

A course of action most of them will suggest is to do your transactions through a third-party site. You will have to deposit money on the website from your debit or credit card, and then use the site to upload funds to your account. It is true that the process is a bit longer, but it might the best option.

When you are withdrawing your winnings, the easiest way is a bank check with wires, which are possible for larger sums.

How to find the right bookie?

When you are sending your funds offshore, you will want to know that you are betting in a safe and good environment, so we will now give you a few tips on how to find a good bookmaker as a Canadian citizen. Usually, it is best to sign up for a website that has a long-standing reputation in the industry.

canadasoccerA bookmaker that has been in the business for a long time will tick most of these boxes, and you will feel safe and have fun while gambling online. Another good idea is to choose a bookie that is based in a nation which has stringent gambling guidelines. If you come across a site that you are not sure about, you can check them thoroughly on an independent bookie review website like ours or ask some questions on a message board or forum before you sign up.

You will want a bookmaker who will get you the most value for your money. Otherwise, you could have just signed up with a provincial government website.

There are a lot of sites that compare odds in which you can see which bookies offer the best pricing. Just make sure that you take a look at the specific sports you want to gamble on to get the idea of which will be the best site for you. You could start with tennis or football betting.

You should also check out what the bonus situation is with different bookmakers. A lot of bookies will offer you a promotion for signing up, it might be a free bet or a specific sum added to your account. These bonuses might look tempting, but they are not always as good as they seem.

You should make sure to check the T&C’s before you sign up, as this is where you will see what the promotions mean in real terms. It is very important to check if the site offers the sports you want to gamble on. Most bookies offer a massive range of sports but some of them do not cover every sport or every aspect of one. It is important to remember that if a bookmaker does not cater for you, it is not the one for you.

Bodog Mobile Application

The Canadian Calvin Ayre established Bodog in 1994, and today it is among the global betting giants. In the USA, the bookie is called Bovada, and the company is extremely successful in the American and Canadian sports markets.

bodog mobile canadaThis mobile application provides excellent betting options, a never-ending selection of sporting events, decent and steadily improving odds, and promos. Gamblers can enjoy the in-play betting feature, live streaming, and unique odds.

The mobile platform of Bodog is web-based, so it operates smoothly on all brands and models of tablets and phones, such as devices with Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. As convenience is a top priority, the app accepts multiple deposit options, including bank transfers, debit cards, Billpay, and credit cards.

Newly-registered punters will get a free incentive of $100 as they make their initial deposit in the app. There are numerous others generous incentives and promos that rate this bookie on the top of the betting apps for Canadians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common popular queries we recieve from our readers regarding application for mobile betting in Canada. Hopefully, they will provide handy information about the working and functionality of the apps.

faq Why is online gambling better than in a brick-and-mortar venue?
Having the opportunity to place a bet without having to drive between dozens and hundreds of kilometres is both economical and convenient. Just consider the time it will take you to make such a drive. You are better off investing it in research to find the best bets possible instead of fighting traffic.

Moreover, knowing how much gasoline costs these days, you will probably blow your winnings to cover that unnecessary cost. Placing bets with a bookmaker is not legal in Canada and might lead to a tonne of trouble. If you play online guarantees you a convenient, enjoyable and safe experience.
faq Are there bookies that accept bitcoin for deposits?
As the popularity of Bitcoin continues to grow, some mobile apps have started taking this currency for deposition and withdrawal of funds. However, there are still no European bookies that accept the currency. For the time being, it is wiser to stick to the tested and trusted payment options, such as Skrill, debit cards, banks transfers, and credit cards.
faq Can I deposit funds with PayPal?
No, you cannot. PayPal is only allowed and accepted for gambling transactions in Europe, and this method is applicable in the UK, Spain, Ireland, and France.
faq Are there any taxes on winnings from sports betting?
Happily, only professional punters are required to declare winnings and to pay taxes. In case you bet just for fun, you do not need to pay taxes on your winnings.
faq Which provinces are more open to sports betting?
We cannot give you a correct straight answer. A lot of provinces have introduced regulated online gambling like Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. And when you think about it, Canadian provinces are much more open to gaming than in American States.