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Let us Show You How to Get BlackBerry Betting Apps For Your Device

Here we have listed some of the best BlackBerry betting apps. For quite a long time, BlackBerry did not accept betting apps on their store, but now they have decided to open up and change their policy. Unfortunately, BlackBerry sports betting apps are not the same quality as the Android, iPhone or iPad ones, but that does not mean there are not some quality BlackBerry betting apps available.

Many punters question if there is even need for any apps since the website version that the bookmakers provide is almost always the same as the mobile application itself. Despite that, we will give you our five recommendations when it comes to the best BlackBerry betting apps.

Our experts have tested and tried quite a lot of Blackberry betting apps, and you can find the best of them below. These applications allow you a much easier and quicker access to sports betting and even save you the hassle of having to type in the site name in the address bar every single time. We are aware that there are not a lot of BlackBerry applications in the store, but you should not be worried. You can also use the mobile-friendly version of your favourite bookie and bookmark it to your home screen if they do not offer a dedicated app for BlackBerry. So just let us help you make the most of your device.

You are probably thinking “But why should I bet on my BlackBerry?” Well, for starters, it is free and fast and most importantly, convenient. After you choose a bookmaker to bet with, all you will have to do is create an account by using one of our links and take advantage of free bets. So what are you waiting for? Make your picks!

Blackberry’s cutting-edge technology

Most of you are probably worried about the safety and security of mobile bookmaking with BlackBerry devices. Well, you will be happy to read that most of the organisations that are involved have an incredible track record in terms of keeping your personal information as well as money as safe as possible.

You are already aware of how competitive the industry is, so it is normal for the bar to be so high regarding issues such as banking, underage gambling and transparency. What is even better is that the BlackBerry mobile devices are often significantly more secure than personal computers, so the risk of becoming a hacked victim is much smaller.

One of the most important advantages of Blackberry is that once you create your account, you have a sheer number of sports betting options. The available markets include every single popular choice such as basketball, football or tennis, but if you prefer American football, cricket, auto or motor racing, college basketball and fantasy football, you will find what you are looking for on every major bookie.

Brand Bonus Review Link
N/A bonus Bet365 app Download
£25 free bet BetVictor blackberry app Download
paddy power
£50 free bet Paddy Power blackberry app Download
Sky bet
£20 free bet SkyBet blackberry app Download

* T&C’s apply. Click on Download for more details.

However, it is not all about standard betting services, as there are operators who will offer you in-play gambling. There is no need to mention that live betting’s popularity has been growing quite a lot recently, so you will probably want to give it a try. If that is the case, you will be pleased to find out that the BlackBerry devices are up to the task.

At the end of this section, we would like to give you a little piece of advice. It is important that you remember that there is not one single best mobile bookie, as all of the operators have their own pros and cons. They might be different for the diverse users since at the end of the day the most important things are your personal preferences.

However, you should also keep in mind that choosing an app that will suit your taste best, might be quite the daunting task. This is where we come in handy. We look into every little detail and explain it to familiarise you with every popular choice. This way you can avoid going through the extremely frustrating trial and error phase, when you make your final pick.

RIM returned and Blackberry regained its popularity

blackberry osThe Blackberry devices are definitely not as popular as the Android or iOS products, but that does not mean that the recent explosion of the mobile betting market did not result in amazing online bookmaking apps for RIS. Actually, it is quite the opposite. There are plenty of popular websites which have released versions of their apps that are Blackberry friendly in the last several years.

There is no need to lie to you and say that Blackberry is the best mobile device for betting because you already know that it is not. However, it is a fact that the available betting apps for Blackberry do their job very well and can even rival the desktop-based clients regarding functionality.

By this point in our article, you have probably guessed that the full functionality of an entire bookmaking app in a mobile package is the largest selling point of the BB sports betting software. Moreover, the sole fact that online sports betting does not require you to make split-second decisions, unlike casino or poker games. Everything depends only on your sports predictions and planning. This means that the BlackBerry betting apps are not so different from the software which is designed for platforms with higher resolution.

It is true that the developers might have been forced to cut several corners because of hardware limitations, but at the end of the day, you are still making the exact same wagers using a very compact device.

Where you can find these apps for BlackBerry OS?

Honestly, BlackBerry betting apps have a lot of catching up to do with Android and iPhone. The apps still are not available on the BlackBerry world store, so the only option you have is to go to the mobile site of the bookie, but you can still add them to your home screen in order to access them more quickly. The websites are optimised and are not very different from the iPhone apps, so it is unlikely that you will see any difference between the web version and the apps.

Unlike Android, BlackBerry allows gambling apps on their store, so let’s hope that we will see them there sooner or later. All of the apps are fully functional and you will not see any problems with them crashing on your device. Check out the reviews of the betting apps for BlackBerry that you find interesting, and then you will see how much easier it is to choose your bookmaker. Some punters have more than one betting app installed on their phones to always claim the best odds for the specific event.

#2 – BetVictor app for BlackBerry OS

betvictor blackberry appBetVictor are known for the great odds they have on football matches, so if you enjoy making wagers on this sport, then that is the bookmaker for you. They also offer a £25 free bet when you create a new account with them, so make sure to claim it through the website before downloading the app.

There are very few differences between the app and the website, so you will get the same odds no matter which one you choose. You can deposit/withdraw money from your BetVictor account and place quick bets on any market that you want. The only annoying part about the app is the adverts, but the great odds make it worth it.

#3 – Paddy Power gambling app for BB

paddy power BlackBerry appThe Paddy Power website looks very good and considering the fact that the app is similar to it, it is not a surprise that it makes it in our top 5 list. The resemblance between the web based app and the mobile application means that it is easy to switch between the two.

Paddy Power have really focused on the user experience, and the £50 free bet really gives you an advantage if you are a new user. This bookmaker is known for its money back specials, and you can get them in the form of daily offers. They also boost the odds on certain days, so it is always worth checking out the promotions tab before making your bet.

There is also the option of playing the casino, blackjack or poker. Their BlackBerry app is simplistic and beginner friendly, but it has all of the key features that a bookmaker should possess like live streaming and a good selection of betting markets.

Best BlackBerry betting app #4 – Sky Bet

sky bet BlackBerry appSky Bet’s app is easy to use, has a good design and does on crash on BlackBerry. Many would describe the app as basic, but we think it does the job and is worth trying out. It is really good if you like to bet on football, horse racing or cricket from your BlackBerry device.

Sky are also giving their customers a £20 free bet when they sign up with them and make a deposit of at least  £5. There is also a £5 weekly bet if you enter the Free Bet Club.

The app is always being updated and you can bet on more than 25 sports. It is not actually an app, but a mobile version of their website that looks like the iPhone app, so you are not losing any features. Sky offers a £10 no deposit bonus to their new customers at Sky Vegas. With so many offers and promotions, we think that you will make the right choice if you decide to give them a go.

#5 in our best BlackBerry betting apps list is William Hill

William Hill blackBerry appWilliam Hill’s biggest advantage is the amount of offers and promotions that they offer. Some of them are Acca insurance, second goal scorer, plus many other exciting promotions, including the £20 free bet you receive when creating a new account at William Hill.

Will Hill’s blackBerry app is easy to navigate because of the many shortcuts that it provides on the home screen. You can quickly access live scores, odds, results and even play in the casino. Not only do they offer a wide variety of markets, but you will also enjoy the In-Play betting, hot picks list and the chance to place quick accumulators. The app itself is a simpler version of the website and is very interactive.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq Which is the best betting app for BlackBerry?
There is no such thing as a one overall best betting app. However, our tests have shown that the best choice for most people is the bet365 BlackBerry app.
faq Is using the apps as safe as using the site?
Of course, they are. Bookies use the exact same levels of encryption on all platforms to ensure that your personal details will be safe and secure.
faq Is it possible to use more than one app on my BlackBerry?
Yes, you will be able to use as many applications as you want. Usually, we advise our readers to use more than one app in order to be able to compare the odds as well as to be able to take advantage of the various offers and markets. However, we advise you not to have more than 3-4 apps, as you may lose track of your bankroll.
faq Is it possible to claim a free bet with my Blackberry?
To claim the free bet, you will have to sign up using your personal computer. It is best if you do this before you download the app of your choice.